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You Know You Have A Good Product Idea

You know you have a good idea. But, where do you go from here? Will you try to do everything on your own, at the risk of getting the wrong product at the end of the journey? Do you want to take the risk of developing your project without guidance and learn the lessons the hard way? How much does this approach cost you? Building this first product can be a frustrating process, and you may not reach your potential. You may end up by not delivering on your good idea just to see it sometime later on the market, delivered by someone else.

At D2 design, We Are All About Founders

At D2 design, we care about founders with physical products. Because we’ve been there. Many times. We have designed products for entrepreneurs and we also have designed our own products. Because we know how it feels and how important it is to you, we have developed a proven methodology.

This will save you time, resources and money, but, mostly, it will greatly reduce the risks when launching a new product.

Turn Your Ideas Into Products

I too, had and still have my own ideas and products I want to launch: I get you and we are on the same journey. I know how it feels to have plenty of ideas and wonder which one to pick and pursue. 

At D2 design, Here's How We Can Help

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Let’s jump on a discovery call and determine if we’re a good fit.

Assess The Potential

In this phase we determine the feasiblity of your product idea.

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Action Plan

We create a personalised plan and work with you to delivery your idea.

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At D2 design, Create Profitable Products

Most people never execute on their idea, as it feels quite overwhelming and complicated. At D2 design, we help turn ideas into reality and into profitable products. This results in you becoming the entrepreneur you always wanted to be and leave a legacy you are proud of. At the same time, we aim to design for the Triple Bottom Line to put an end to disposable products.

We know you are the kind of person who has a product idea in mind. A proven, step by step methodology will help you turn your idea into a profitable product that sells and be the serial entrepreneur we know you are.

The problem is that you don’t know which idea to pick and where to start, which is frustrating, disempowering and confusing.

We know as creative entrepreneurs ourselves how it feels to start this journey. This is why we created a specific methodology that generated over $200M of revenue for our clients.

Stop worrying about whether or not you should progress your idea and start your entrepreneurial journey and fulfil your purpose.

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We create a personalised plan and work with you to delivery your idea.

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