About D2 design

We help serial entrepreneurs with their idea and turn them into profitable products that sell.

Do you have a great idea but you’re not sure where to start?
Does your product or design strategy need refreshing?
Need a guest speaker who’s passionate about innovation at your next event?

Philippe Guichard, founder of D2 design, and his French flair, can help you turn your innovative idea into a highly desirable and profitable product.

With over 25 years as an award-winning international industrial designer, Philippe has helped his clients generate over $200 Million in revenue.

As a holistic designer, he recognise that an innovative product is only part of a successful business story.

We specialise in designing thoughtful and profitable products that form part of integrated marketing, engineering, manufacturing and business model solution.

“Good business by design”
We thoroughly research your customers’ experience, distribution channels, marketing strategy, manufacturing process, business model and value proposition in order to design (or re-design) a product that is the best choice for your business — the ‘sweet spot’.

We also investigate what works, and what doesn’t.

If we need to, we will challenge your thinking with fairness, openness and honesty.

We’ll work together to create a product that delivers increased sales and has a value proposition that benefits all of your product’s stakeholders — not just the end customer.

“Planet, people, profit”: A new world of innovation
For almost two years, We’ve been guest speaking where we share our design experience and case studies with business and industry leaders, as well as young designers.

As an avocate for  innovation, environmental and social impact, we share speak about the critical role that thoughtful industrial design, manufacturing and business models will play in a challenging future.

Philippe, our founder, would love to speak at your next event!

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