❸ Three steps to design a profitable product – Step one ❸

I met with an entrepreneur last week; he has an idea for a new product and doesn’t quite know how to move forward.

I outlined how to design a profitable product in three steps, something I’d like to share with you today.

The first is “design for functionality”.

What does it mean?

Well, we design a new product because we have found a new way to solve a problem. Often by doing so, we create other friction points in the user’s experience. So the whole point of this phase is to iterate and re-design so that we find the best possible way to solve the initial problem and minimise the “unintended consequences” in doing so. Sometimes, we even manage to provide great value and ease of use and completely eradicate the “unintended consequences”.

Have you noticed sometimes that a new product would create a new problem too?

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