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Feedback time!

This is the last post of this series.

I had my own perception of the talk on the night, I knew where I did well and where I could/should have done better. But I still did seek additional feedback. I called people who helped me and asked about their comments. Yes, it is always a bit uncomfortable to hear things, but my intention is to improve. I always come back to my “Why am I on stage” when I speak, when I’m coached and when I seek feedback. So, I know what I need to do next in order to improve, which I find very exciting.

There is another feedback I got too. From people in the audience. I had people reaching out to me and sharing what they perceived from my talk. I have to say, it’s mostly positive, if not very positive, feedback.

As my intention to become a speaker was to have an impact, this tells me I am probably on the right track.

How do you deal with feedback yourself?

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