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TEDxCasey day!

Am I ready?

I don’t feel 100% ready, but are we 100% anyway? I have the structure of my talk in mind, I have the slides to illustrate my point. I have rehearsed many times. I’m the last speaker of the night, a privilege! I get to see all other speakers on stage before me. I enter the stage now at 10:00 pm and deliver my talk. Overall, it went well, except that I completely blanked on the conclusion. I have spent a lot of time focusing on the introduction and the conclusion, I rehearsed them more and… I have a blank!?! I couldn’t understand why. I was quite surprised also because, in the last few years of public speaking, that situation never happened to me.

I’m now really looking forward to the video so that I can see for myself what was the impact of the whole talk and the miss at the end.

Have you ever had that situation before?

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