≫ TEDx Casey, the journey, step 06: rehearsing up to 150 times ≪

Rehearsing and rehearsing and rehearsing again.

After 15 scripts, I thought the talk had a good flow, structure and now I needed to “own” it. The way I was advised was to rehearse over and over again, being aware that I would go through a dip: a phase when doing the talk would feel very “mechanical”. On the other side of this dip is the promise of owning the talk, which means that I would be able to engage with the audience, and don’t think too much about what my next line would be. I rehearsed over 150 times. Most of those where in my living room with the camera facing me and the lights in full power so that I would be less distracted by the stage on the day. This doesn’t take into account the rehearsals while walking, driving and doing the dishes. And my conclusion today is: I didn’t reach the other side of the dip, I think I needed more time and more rehearsals.

Next will the “day”, anything specific you would like to know about the day I delivered the talk?

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