≫ TEDx Casey, the journey, step 05: rehearsing ≪

Scripting and rehearsing and scripting and…

After I’ve used the storyboard and played with it until I found a “flow”, I started scripting the talk. As you’ll see in the photo below, there are 15 scripts that I wrote. Of course, they are not completely new, most of the latest are improvements in sentences, vocabulary and flow. But still, 15! The key learning for me was: mixing scripting updates and rehearsing. When I was rehearsing, I could see that some transitions didn’t flow, that some sentences needed to be reorganised, and sometimes this will happen while I was practising the talk. I would then jump on my pen and write down the new version. Then, I would iterate again and again. ⟲ In many ways, this is very similar to the design process!

What do you think comes next?

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