Why Climate Change really excites me

Oct 19, 2017


Since I was a teenager I have been reading about climate change. In the last ten years, however, the tone and urgency of articles on the subject of global
warming have clearly altered, becoming much more ominous, and for obvious reasons given all the problems posed and the scientific data relevant to
the numerous factors. Yet oddly, despite all of the menacing facts, people do not seem inspired toward significant change in their habits. In fact,
such articles may have the opposite effect, causing citizens to feel overwhelmed and thus to avoid the situation altogether.

As a professional Industrial Designer, I find the situation challenging in the most exciting way, for I wish to share in the responsibility of re-inventing
products that will enhance environmental sustainability. I look forward to contributing to the global action that the world must undertake in order
to survive, and perhaps even thrive in the next few decades. I embrace the design challenges that would halt irresponsible manufacturing and consumption
of disposable products while creating beautifully styled and long-lasting functional objects.

Designing such handsome and substantial products is one of my goals, and one of the ways in which I can help the world to meet the necessary adjustments
for climate change. New business models are also urgently required, as well as inventive logistic and manufacturing systems that would have less negative
impact on the planet. The political, economic, energy, water, food and migration issues surely present monumental dilemmas, but I believe that as an
Industrial Designer I can help unravel the problems and plan for more rational ways to meet climate change challenges. My training, my skills, my creative
vision and my zeal can help us move away from the current paradigms, and benefit all of the people on the planet.