I have been working with a client for a few weeks now. He came to the design studio with an idea, a very nice product he has been working on for years now. Beautiful product indeed. When I work with my clients, we assess as soon as possible the product with its business model; the idea is to understand at an early stage if the combination product + business had legs. Very quickly we discovered that his product, though very nice, would lead to a difficult business. Not impossible, just difficult. Why? The product is labour intensive, the margins are very thin and the market is quite narrow.

After further conversations, my client came back with a dozen of sketches of ideas he gathered in the last few years. One really struck me: a small product that really solve an existing issue in the industry and the product can be mass manufactured and can scale, as a business. Since then, we have been assessing the potential of this idea and it seems that it has all the right ingredients: large market, low to medium levels of investments and comfortable margins.

Which leads to the question: did you pick the “right” idea when you started working? Often, I see emotional attachment to an idea can blind us to its real potential.

Have you ever experienced that attachment yourself?

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