I like listening to Futurists and I’m lucky a few of my friends are in this field. This year I have been speaking about the future of work and the future of humanity and I have a different perspective than my Futurist friends.

I name my perspective: the age of enslavement or the age of enlightenment.

If I do a search on Google from my computer and you from yours, we’ll have two different results, because “Google knows me”, so to speak and filters information.

I think this makes me more and more stupid, as it narrows my views and understanding of the world. If we go further down this path, this will lead to the age of enslavement.

However, I’m more interested in the other end of the spectrum: the age of enlightenment. I was listening to Kai-Fu Lee [link below] and I’d like to think that technology, AI and robots will help humanity to raise in consciousness. How? By doing all our meaningless and repetitive work. Then, we’ll have more time to investigate our own minds and therefore raise our consciousness, all around the planet.

What is your view?


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