Innovation is typically thought to be a complex, expensive foray into research and development; but design proposes another way to innovate at a fraction of the cost.

Our innovative outlook is attributed to a rare combination of experience that spans both engineering and design.

While the engineering mind concentrates on the fine details and technical aspects, the design mind considers the broader environment and how the consumer interacts with the product. Furthermore, the designer has the unique ability to slip into the customers’ shoes, and translate the experience into a product that solves their frustrations. In a complex, technology-driven world, design allows you to put something rare, unique, valuable and customer-focused on the market.

Integrating engineering and design allows D2 to benefit from both skill sets, and develop truly innovative and profitable products for our clients.

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"Philippe is a gifted Industrial Designer with the rare ability of coming up with relevant concepts and strategies on one hand and the ability of leading and inspiring a cross functional team to turn concepts up into profitable products on the other hand. One is his award winning products did create a whole new trend/category within the aquarium market."

— Alain Mars


"I reached out to Philippe for advice about a product innovation I had invented, because I was unsure how to move it forward. It was such a joy to exchange ideas with a fellow 'inventor' who warned me about all thinkable pitfalls, yet was encouraging and practical in his suggestions to take it to the next level. I've got a long way to go and therefore I cherish the priceless source of information and inspiration Philippe is, as an expert in bringing innovations to the market."

— Johanna Canberra