You have probably had the experience yourself. You just found something that you were looking for on the Internet [like a good article] and landed on the page, ready to read and scroll.

Then, right after you started reading word number three of the first line, a pop-up window appears.

The one I just saw gave me the two following choices:

  • “Subscribe to our newsletter to get our content”
  • or
  • “I’m not interested and want to remain ignorant”

Are these really the only two options?

For me, there is a third one: “command”+ “W” – close the tab!

I see this trend growing, with concern. Software does that too now: my apple OS update gives me the choice between “Update” and “Details” and there is no longer the option to postpone to the next day, or choose “it’s not the right time”, which would be just fair.

Have you experienced this too?

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