D2 designs the Revology chair

Jun 15, 2016

From seed to seat – inspired by nature


Do you believe products should be sustainable, innovative, elegant and functional? D2 Design does – and, together with the New Zealand-based start-up Revology,
we have created the first mass-manufacturable, recyclable chair made out of linen. Together, the team presented this concept chair to high acclaim
at the JEC trade show in Paris earlier this year.


The chair is constructed of a new material called “flax”, which is a mix of linen fibres and a bio-based thermoplastic. This material will be processed
in mass manufacturing, thanks to a new induction technology (invented by Roctool), which allows a greater level of control in both the time-cycle of
the process and its temperature accuracy. This allows the transformation of the flax into a hard, composite material, without burning the linen fibres.


It is a beautiful meeting of tradition and technology: the iconic Thonet chair – the one you would encounter in a Paris café – inspired us. Our re-invention
created a modern, elegant seat with a unique look, making this chair not just an object to sit on, but also one to admire.