#Cablestop is on kickstarter

Nov 2, 2014

We spotted this kickstarter project, as it is Australian design:

Cablestop is a sleek, compact and portable device for controlling the placement and organization of desktop power cords.


Cablestop is a tiny, portable device that controls the placement and organisation of all of the power cords on your home desktop or office workstation. It will debut as a crowd-funding project on Kickstarter on September 15th 2014, and the campaign will be directed by Philippe Guichard, Peter Sackett and Manuel Pedrosa.
Created by product designer Philippe Guichard, Cablestop outshines every other product of its type on the market by performing its simple task without creating clutter. Its elementary one-handed operation allows limitless options for controlling the placement and configuration of power cords for a huge range of desktop electrical devices, including laptops and desktops, tablets, computer mice, headphones, ear buds, mobile phones, backup drives, printers and more.
Philippe Guichard is an industrial and product designer based in Melbourne, Australia. He is the founder and owner of D2 Design and Development, the practice he launched with a singular focus on the custom creation and development of products that improve peoples’ lives.
“Making something beautiful is relatively simple,” he says, “but if a design doesn’t solve a problem, it has little value.”




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