I wanted to elaborate on my previous post “Is good design invisible?”, where I mentioned the idea of brand experience.

I would like to share a good story and highlight how it impacted my perception of a brand.

Three months ago, I purchased a second-hand trampoline. I was looking for this new type of trampoline with no direct springs, as they are rated to be safer than the classic ones. I found a good one at a decent price and I closed the deal. I was then supposed to dismantle it and rebuild it in my own backyard. Nothing too complicated!

As I was dismantling the trampoline, I noticed that one spring/blade was missing. As they give the “spring effect” to the trampoline and hold the mat, I thought this was rather annoying. The previous owner called the brand and explained the situation. The brand then delivered the missing spring/blade for free, by courier!

I thought: this is clever! What do you think my perception of the brand is today?

Which brand do I advise, when friends and other parents from school ask for recommendations?

Want to know the brand? I bet you do: Vuly. Joe Andon must be pleased.

Which brand delighted you recently?


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