Designers of the 15 minutes lamp: Hye Min Lee, Hye mi Lee and Sun Hwa Jung

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

The 15 minutes lamp, or how product design can help you fall asleep:

This team of three designers: Hye Min Lee, Hye mi Lee and Sun Hwa Jung came up with a nice, poetic and sensible solution to shut the light down and fall asleep at the same time: 15 min lamp-banner

And, they won the 2013 IDEA Award!

The following images describe how it works: 15 min lamp-02 15 min lamp-06 15 min lamp-05 15 min lamp-04 15 min lamp-03    

kana nakanishi finnish birch wood bench

Monday, August 05, 2013

kana nakanishi is a Japanese designer who named its finnish birch wood bench by its dimension: W1200xD380XH480.

banner-kana-nikanishi   So, W1200xD380XH480 is this sleek, zen bench, very sculptural: kana nakanishi 01   kana nakanishi 03   kana nakanishi 02 Here is the link to kana nakanishi's website: kana nakanishi logo      

small building plant pots by Metaphys

Friday, August 02, 2013

Studio Metaphys designed a series of small building plant pots:


Definitively a way to trigger your imagination!

plant-pot-05   plant-pot-04   plant-pot-03   plant-pot-02   plant-pot-01   Nice miniature building planters, isn;t it?

Quartz Armchair by CTRLZAK and Davide Barzaghi

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Quartz Armchair by CTRLZAK and Davide Barzaghi

banner-quartz "Nature with its’ astonishing perfect geometry has always been the primary source of inspiration for most forms of creative projects. QUARTZ is a system that couples two-dimensional pentagonal and hexagonal wooden structures, which develop in three dimensions following natural crystalloid formations. The geometric volumes are covered with ecological fabrics in mixed colour variations producing an end result that resembles more a wild microhabitat than an armchair". logo_710   quartz-armchair-ctrlzak-davide-barzaghi-01   quartz-armchair-ctrlzak-davide-barzaghi-02   quartz-armchair-ctrlzak-davide-barzaghi-03   quartz-armchair-ctrlzak-davide-barzaghi-04   quartz-armchair-ctrlzak-davide-barzaghi-05    

Noam Bar Yochai TurnKey pencil sharpener

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Noam Bar Yochai designed this TurnKey pencil sharpener,

Semantic design? TurnKey-banner

There is an obvious intuitive way to understand the function:

03red and silver sharpeners   02silver sharpener   01red sharpener   You can buy this here.

Traveler’s Closet

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Louis Vuitton created "la malle", and psychic factory created Traveler’s Closet!

Well, it's always a bit of a pain when you travel a fair bit and you have to pack, unpack and pack again all the time. This is a very practical, elegant solution: Traveler’s Closet-banner I suspect this is only a concept, but I really wish it goes into manufacturing! I'd love to have one of those! Traveler’s Closet-01   Traveler’s Closet-02   Check,

Grass leaf pen, Poolealf design, how refreshing!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

This is refreshing design, the 3 colour grass leaf pen by Zeup design studio, fit nicely in a plant-pot:

You can get them here, they will enhance your office desk! pooleak-banner   pooleaf-05 pooleaf-04 pooleaf-03   pooleaf-02 pooleaf-01   Buy them here! And more about Zeup design studio here!

Clipshelf, by designer Michael Hilgers:

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

designer Michael Hilgers comes up with this very interesting concept:

In order to get extra space, a clip-on cube that allows to put even more stuff on your stuff! The integration on the bookshelf is quite clever: Clipshelf-banner check Michael website:, great ideas there! Clipshelf-04 Clipshelf-03 Clipshelf-02 Clipshelf-01

Dyson, the innovation driver

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Combining two tasks in one is also a great way to innovate

Dyson did it again, here is one of their latest product, combining vacuuming and mopping. Time saving, efficiency: Dyson-banner I reckon Dyson did A LOT of tests before launching such a product. They usually back-up their product with intense tests and iterative improvements.

Their design process is based on experience, iteration, making mistakes –for the sake of learning from them– and user friendliness.

Dyson-01 Dyson-02 Dyson-03   check for more info!  

hundreds of floating umbrellas cover the streets in Portugal

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I have to confess this post ins't really about design, but I couldn't resist!

banner-Patricia Almeida Gorgeous: hundreds of floating umbrellas cover once again the streets in Portugal, art installation by Sextafeira Produções: the colorful sight was captured by photographers Patricia Almeida and Pedro Nascimento. Very creative! Agitagueda - Patricia Almeida-01   Agitagueda - Patricia Almeida-02   Agitagueda - Patricia Almeida-03   Agitagueda - Patricia Almeida-04   Agitagueda - Patricia Almeida-05   Agitagueda - Patricia Almeida-06        


"Philippe is a gifted Industrial Designer with the rare ability of coming up with relevant concepts and strategies on one hand and the ability of leading and inspiring a cross functional team to turn concepts up into profitable products on the other hand. One is his award winning products did create a whole new trend/category within the aquarium market."

— Alain Mars

"I reached out to Philippe for advice about a product innovation I had invented, because I was unsure how to move it forward. It was such a joy to exchange ideas with a fellow 'inventor' who warned me about all thinkable pitfalls, yet was encouraging and practical in his suggestions to take it to the next level. I've got a long way to go and therefore I cherish the priceless source of information and inspiration Philippe is, as an expert in bringing innovations to the market."

— Johanna Canberra


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