UFO Collection by Ora-Ïto for VONDOM

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

UFO Collection by Ora-Ïto for VONDOM.

Designer ora ito logo just designed a collection called UFO for manufacturer VONDOM: banner-ufo-ora-ito "The collection results from “genetic mutation experiments” between the iconic languages of pagodas and UFOs. Its chair, table and sofa allow to create different compositions easily adaptable to outdoor spaces thanks to its elegant and resistant materials. The colours, range of finishes and interior lighting expands the possibilities to create different environments." Ufo collection ora ito -01   Ufo collection ora ito -02 Ufo collection ora ito -03   Ufo collection ora ito -04 Ufo collection ora ito -05 Ufo collection ora ito -06    

Sidekick Stools: design by Timothy John, new-zealand

Monday, February 17, 2014

Sidekick Stools: design by Timothy John.

banner-sidekick-stool-timothy-john "Thanks is proud to release the Sidekick Stool, designed by Mt. Maunganui-based furniture designer Timothy John for the Thanks retail stores. The Sidekick is visually light, unimposing and is easily incorporated into any space. It is inspired by the silhouette of a glass science beaker, resembling a 3D line drawing of its form. As the contents of an old school beaker were contained with a cork stopper, so too the stool top is made of cork. Cork is a natural product that intrigues the senses. It is warm, smooth, velvety to touch and earthy to smell. It is also is impermeable, buoyant, non-allergenic and fire resistant". buy the stool at: thanks logo   and check the designer's website: TJ logo   and more photos below! sidekick-stool-timothy-john-01   sidekick-stool-timothy-john-02   sidekick-stool-timothy-john-03   sidekick-stool-timothy-john-04   sidekick-stool-timothy-john-05    

Moxi™ Kiss wins the iF product design award 2014

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Moxi™ Kiss wins the iF product design award 2014.

Congratulations! "Moxi Kiss was selected as one of this year's winners out of more than 3,200 entries by a jury of experts and renowned designers from all over the world, who evaluated each submission against such criteria as design, quality, finish, choice of materials, degree of innovation and more." banner-moxi-kiss
"When we created Moxi Kiss, our goal was to design a hearing instrument that wearers would rate as stylish, discreet and comfortable, and hearing healthcare providers would be proud to represent. I believe we have succeeded in achieving those goals; Moxi Kiss is beautiful in form, powerful in performance, and now, award- winning on the world stage." says Jan Metzdorff, President, Unitron. Moxi_Kiss logo   moxi-kiss-if-award-2014-01   moxi-kiss-if-award-2014-02 moxi-kiss-if-award-2014-04    

Two Czechs win US-based Good Design Award

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Two Czechs win US-based Good Design Award.

Designers Martin Žampach and Matej Chabera obtained a Good Design 2013 Award in the Tabletop category for their concept for tea and coffee set called Kon. banner-Kon-collection Kon collection is “versatile and thoroughly thought out in terms of daily use” from the production perspective. The holder for the tea light can also be used as a bowl, and other parts can be take on multiple roles as well. kon-collection-gooddesignaward-01   kon-collection-gooddesignaward-02 kon-collection-gooddesignaward-03 kon-collection-gooddesignaward-04 kon-collection-gooddesignaward-05  

Range: An iPhone Thermometer

Monday, January 13, 2014

Range: An iPhone Thermometer:

banner-range-smart-thermometre "Cook better with precise temperature readings, alerts to iPhones anywhere, & recipe graphs for repeatable results". "Everyone loves an artisan who can brew an excellent ale, smoke the perfect side of ribs, or make some amazing chocolate truffles. These culinary masters are what makes local restaurants great. But you don't have to devote your life to the craft in order to make better food. With Range, you can take the guesswork out of cooking and perfect your kitchen craft. range-logo-th Clip it on or stick it in and set an alert for the desired temperature with the Range app for iOS (we include presets for common uses). While you run to the store or sip a well-deserved glass of wine, Range graphs the temperature over time so you can learn and improve from each experiment. Once the roast has reached temperature and achieved perfection, Range tells you." buy it here! range-smart-thermometre-01 range-smart-thermometre-02 range-smart-thermometre-03 range-smart-thermometre-04    

Canvas, or a new perception of sitting

Monday, January 13, 2014

Canvas, or a new perception of sitting by studio YOY. banner-yoy-canvas "A canvas shaped chair with a drawing of a chair. It can be used by leaning against a wall. A frame made of wood and aluminum is covered by an elastic fabric printed with texture of a canvas and a drawing of chair. There are 3 types of size, a stool, an armchair and a sofa". Canvas is manufactured by Innermost, a furniture and lighting company in UK: innermost logo A very original idea! Check the design studio: yoy logo th yoy-canvas-01 yoy-canvas-02 yoy-canvas-03 yoy-canvas-04 yoy-canvas-05 yoy-canvas-06    

half a ton perfectly balanced table by paul cocksedge

Saturday, January 04, 2014

half a ton perfectly balanced table by paul cocksedge

banner-paul-cocksedge "UK designer Paul Cocksedge doesn’t mess around. He’s so confident in the strength and design of his Poised Table that he doesn’t mind standing on its edge. Made from a thousand pounds of rolled steel, the table is actually perfectly designed (thanks to math and physics) that it can withstand holding up a human being without toppling over". Follow the link to check paul's studio: paul logo paul-cocksedge-balanced-table-01 paul-cocksedge-balanced-table-02    

Kinsa smart thermometer

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Kinsa smart thermometer.

banner-kinsa-smart-thermometre "Kinsa has revolutionized the world’s most common medical device, the first device anyone uses to confirm an illness: the thermometer. The Kinsa Smart Thermometer is a mobile-connected thermometer that allows us to communicate with someone who has just fallen ill, give them the information to get better faster, and collect the data we need to map human health". The full story: kinsa-logo-th     kinsa-smart-thermometre-01 kinsa-smart-thermometre-02 kinsa-smart-thermometre-03  

safe timer by kikkerland

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

safe timer by kikkerland, a timer that will make your fridge look like a safe:

banner-kikkerland-safe-timer     "kitchen timer made to look like a safe lock; magnetic - when on refrigerator looks like a lock; turn dial to set time; timer goes up to 60 minutes and measures 3.5-inch diameter" link to the website: kikkerland logo kikkerland-safe-timer-01   kikkerland-safe-timer-02   kikkerland-safe-timer-03    

French jewellery by somehow design

Friday, December 13, 2013

French steel jewellery by somehow design,

banner-somehow-design-jewellery Sleek design, sanded surfaces and clean lines are the foundations of this new range of jewellery. "The substance of contemporary jewelry : Designed, developed and manufactured in France, this collection for both men and women is based on pure shapes. Our materials are selected for their biocompatibility ; brushed or sanded treatments reveal a nice matte finishing". somehow design logo th   somehow-jewellery-01   somehow-jewellery-02   somehow-jewellery-03    


"Philippe is a gifted Industrial Designer with the rare ability of coming up with relevant concepts and strategies on one hand and the ability of leading and inspiring a cross functional team to turn concepts up into profitable products on the other hand. One is his award winning products did create a whole new trend/category within the aquarium market."

— Alain Mars

"I reached out to Philippe for advice about a product innovation I had invented, because I was unsure how to move it forward. It was such a joy to exchange ideas with a fellow 'inventor' who warned me about all thinkable pitfalls, yet was encouraging and practical in his suggestions to take it to the next level. I've got a long way to go and therefore I cherish the priceless source of information and inspiration Philippe is, as an expert in bringing innovations to the market."

— Johanna Canberra


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