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Monday, March 10, 2014

Apple's next move into the car industry.

banner-apple-carplay "apple carplay, the best iPhone experience on four wheels", it says... "CarPlay allows one to access the features of any current iPhone that has a Lightning connector from a touch screen display in the center of the car’s dashboard, or by using voice commands through Siri. This will allow drivers to make calls, use Maps (at last, a navigation system that works), access voicemail, and many of the other features that a driver can’t normally access while piloting a vehicle." apple-carplay-01 apple-carplay-02 apple-carplay-03 apple-carplay-04  


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"Philippe is a gifted Industrial Designer with the rare ability of coming up with relevant concepts and strategies on one hand and the ability of leading and inspiring a cross functional team to turn concepts up into profitable products on the other hand. One is his award winning products did create a whole new trend/category within the aquarium market."

— Alain Mars

"I reached out to Philippe for advice about a product innovation I had invented, because I was unsure how to move it forward. It was such a joy to exchange ideas with a fellow 'inventor' who warned me about all thinkable pitfalls, yet was encouraging and practical in his suggestions to take it to the next level. I've got a long way to go and therefore I cherish the priceless source of information and inspiration Philippe is, as an expert in bringing innovations to the market."

— Johanna Canberra


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