I was teaching recently and sharing at some stage my thoughts around additive manufacturing, aka 3D printing, a term that you have probably heard of in the last few years.

This technology has been around for decades and the novelty is that we can afford desktop 3D printers today.

In my opinion, the barrier to entry isn’t the price point of the printer, but the software before that. Today, we need a 3D software to create a model, or we can pick something we like in a bank of 3D models online. Soon, we’ll be able to create with VR or AR technologies.

What I get excited about is what this technology will deliver. There is a TED talk by Joseph DeSimone called “What if 3D printing was 100 times faster”.

I think this is the wrong title, it should be “What if 3D printing was 1000 times faster”, or even 10000 times faster. I suspect we’ll get there in less than twenty years, which means that the way we think of manufacturing and logistics will dramatically change.

Which technology is shaping the future of your industry?

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