I’m sitting in a cosy cafe in Coburg, talking about innovation. It is part of a series of interviews that this person is doing on entrepreneurs and innovators around the world, who are proposing another way of doing things.

“Do you think companies should continue to fail fast?”

There are two elements in this question I’m not completely comfortable with.

The first one is the term “to fail”; I’ve never liked that word, or its meaning.

The word “failure” feels detrimental to me. It also feels like something static, like a condition that never changes – but just get back up, and failure is no longer!

Regarding the meaning: I don’t see something not working as being a failure. For me, it is just part of the process.

The creative process.

The progress process.

The innovation process.

After over two decades in this field, I’m very comfortable with this grey area, where possible chaos resides and the answer isn’t entirely clear yet. I have faith in the process: it’s one step after the other and, eventually, the solution will arise.

Can we replace “failure” with “experimentation” or “learning”?

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