In one of my keynote, I speak about the reflex that most hardware products manufacturers have: manufacturing in China. And I then share the slide that over one million and a half Chinese die of air pollution alone, every year.

Recently, I read an article (link below in the comments) mentioning “Air pollution kills six million people every year”. Not a small number!

So, my question is: can we design the air?

And my answer is yes. When I mention Design for the Triple Bottom Line, environmental sustainability is a key ingredient. With this in mind, it helps to measure and to choose the best option in terms of environmental impact for each product. So, one product at the time, one decision at the time, we can bend the curve and make sure that everyone in the future will enjoy a clean and better air.

And we should, as it seems that bad air quality affects our IQ and performances.

Do you think the air you are breathing is any good?

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