I was listening again to the talk by Bill Ferris at the Francis Gurry Lecture Series that he delivered a few weeks ago.

I wanted to highlight a few points that I also deeply believe in.

“Innovation drives productivity, productivity drives GPD growth and GDP growth drives living standards”.

We need to encourage creativity and innovation. In one of my keynote, I present the ranking of Australia on the Global Innovation Index. And as suggested by Bill Ferris, Australia has mixed results there. “Australians are not innovating anyway near the levels we need to fulfill the ambitions in the global knowledge economy”. I could not agree more. This is one of the reasons I came back to teaching after over ten years of break. And working with start-ups. To enable successes like the flow-hive, the most successful crowdfunding project in Australia so far.

Like Bill Ferris, I believe that Australia can fill the gaps in innovation, R&D investments and become a leader in the international field.

Where do you think Australia will be in the next ten years?

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