The very first meeting.

We all gathered in the city of Casey for our first meeting. That morning, we met Chris Hall who explained that the TEDxCasey was part of a more global event, the innovation days over the weekend. Then we met the curation team, Paul Kenna, Joanne Law, Robert Pattie-Williams.

And the city of Casey support in the name of Lydia Ropiha. We also got introduced to the other speakers and we started working on the TEDx material: what type of talk is a TEDx talk, what is the timeframe, and so on. We were given documents that would help us frame and structure our talk. We started filling those documents as a foundation for our future talk.

Because I’m a visual being, shall I share with you the tool I made and used? #TEDxCasey D2design DesignWithRespect IndustrialDesign Design ProductDesign Triplebottomline Keynote Keynotespeaker MelbourneDesign AustralianDesign